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Building Relationship Skills

A Workshop on Compassionate Communication
and Mindfulness

Life-Changing Tools for Healthy Relationships

Online Workshop with Paul Shippee

every other Tuesday 4:00 – 5:30 pm MT
September 19, 2023 – February 13, 2024

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In this workshop you will learn and practice amazing life-changing relationship skills based on compassion, empathy and nonviolent communication (NVC) – see what you will learn here.

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A Workshop on Building Relationship Skills for peace and well-being,
using the proven communication tools of compassion, mindfulness and awareness.

Meets Online, every other Tuesday at 4-6 pm, September 19, 2023 – February 13, 2024

Registration FAQs
What should I bring to the online Zoom workshop?

Please bring yourself, open and curious and ready to learn some new communication tools, ready to engage in some inner exploration of ways to connect more authentically with yourself and others.

Anything else?

Yes, thanks for asking! We’ll be using the book Nonviolent Communication –A Language of Life by NVC founder Marshall Rosenberg, PhD. Please get the book and bring it to each class. In addition, bring the Feelings List and the Needs List found on the NVC International website . Click on the “Learn” tab and select “What Is NVC?” from the drop down menu. Print the Lists out. You can find the 1st Chapter of the book there too.

Is there a sliding scale if I can’t afford the full fee?

Yes. When you visit the Registration page, check the box that says: “I am interested, but am not able to pay the full amount.” Follow the instructions to apply for a reduced fee.

How can I learn more and get my questions answered?

We will announce a few live half-hour online Zoom Q&A sessions in early March.

Can I join the Zoom classes via telephone instead of online?

Yes, the various phone numbers will be posted along with the Zoom link email sent to you. I encourage you to join via Zoom video if possible.

What is your cancellation policy?

Upon written request, your refund will be processed up until ten days before the Workshop begins, minus a $50 processing fee. After that no refunds will be available. However, credit for future classes may be negotiated.

Can we join the Zoom class before it starts?

Yes. We create a space of five minutes before the class to accommodate early birds. And since we begin each class with 10 minutes of meditation it’s best to sit quietly until the meditation begins. While meditating it’s good to look away from the screen.

What if I don’t know how to meditate, or don’t want to?

Don’t worry, meditation instruction will be offered, or you can just sit quietly in whatever way is comfortable for you. The key is to begin each class with a quiet and open mind, ready to participate in whatever way feels right for you. It is normal to feel some excitement or anxiety before or during the class.

Will the classes be recorded?

The first 30 minutes of each class will be recorded. The next hour of individual and group participation will not be recorded.

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