Apr 072013

Is procrastination a blessing in disguise, or

is it a torpedo that sinks your boat?

You know you have to do something, you want

to do something, you choose to do some task

that will perk up and advance your business goals

…but somehow you find ways to do everything but!!

One way to look at this is that seeking pleasure elsewhere

is preferred over facing up to the discomfort of actually

doing something we “have to” do.

This seeking pleasure and avoiding pain is sometimes

called distraction.

Fortunately, you are not alone. I procrastinate too, refusing

to swallow that frog, that task that calls me out of my comfort zone.

Here’s a blog I wrote about it: http://paulshippee.com/?p=340

And to really show you that you are not alone, Brian Tracy has

written a popular book called EAT THAT FROG…


And, of course, Sunday is one of the best days for procrastinating.

But tomorrow, Monday, you can start the day by Eating That Frog!

All best,

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