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Working with Anger

-What People Say Or Do Is Never The Cause- by Paul Shippee I feel grateful for NVC (Nonviolent Communication) training because it shows “how to” deal with our suffering and stuck places. It is a useful tool for dealing with depression

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How Anger Works

Anger is a rich emotion that is both useful and troublesome. It is possible to understand anger is a deep way and to bring clarity into oneself and into situations where confusion, trouble, and helplessness once reigned. Relationship skills are also

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Nowhere To Hide In the recent book by Pema Chodron titled Living Beautifully…with uncertainty and change (Shambhala 2012) Chapter Nine is called “Nowhere To Hide.” We are studying this book in my ongoing NVC (nonviolent communication) group in Crestone, Colorado because it

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The Personal And The Universal

We all yearn to participate, to know that our presence matters, that our actions have impact. When we feel insecure and unsafe, we keep our essence shrouded in an attempt to protect ourselves. What to do? Since we hold back our

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